Sharonne Cohen

Health and Life Coach

Montreal, Canada

Sharonne Cohen

Health and Life Coaching

Getting back in touch with your joy, vitality, well-being!


60 mins




Sharonne Cohen

My journey into coaching and the healing arts began through my own experience of severe burnout, coping with its devastating physical and emotional effects. As Western medicine, offered little more than drugs that treat symptoms rather than underlying causes, I turned to a more personalized approach, opting for naturopathy, coaching and movement. This ultimately proved to be my way out of crisis, allowing me to tune back into my body’s natural healing capacity and my soul’s true path. 

As a Health & Life Coach, my holistic and individualized approach offers not only support, but a "tool kit" tailored to my clients’ particular needs, so that they are equipped to achieve their highest goals. 

I am here to be their motivator, accountability partner, confidante and cheerleader; together, we clear obstacles, build healthy habits and arrive at a mindset aligned with how they envision feeling every day of the rest of their lives.


Sharonne began her career as a holistic healing arts practitioner, combining ancient Eastern healing traditions and Western techniques, with the sole purpose of facilitating a return to innate alignment and wellness — body, mind and spirit. She soon discovered that the conversation portion of the treatment offered much insight, enabling her to fine-tune her therapeutic approach, and being of even greater service. Training in health & life coaching and EFT have expanded her scope of practice; her in-person and online sessions are infused with an energetic transmission that further enhances each session.

Sharonne has experience working with clients on a variety of challenges and goals, helping them cope with the aftermath of health crises (stroke, injury); balance professional and family life; master habit change (nutrition, exercise etc.); and find fulfillment in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Relevant Credentials:

Health & Life Coaching, HCI (2018)

Licensed Naturotherapist

Professional associations: RMQ, ANQ

How I can help:

As a Life Coach, I work with people seeking to make life changes — changing jobs or vocations, finding balance between the various aspects of our lives, and cultivating lasting, thriving relationships. I am here to help you live a life that is more aligned with who you want to be, and unlock your potential, empowering you to create anything you desire, living your life more boldly, with greater joy and fulfillment.

As a Health Coach, I am passionate about healthy living, helping you discover and address any underlying issues preventing you from following through and realizing your objectives. I accompany you on your journey, offering resources and tools tailored specifically to you and to your personal success and well-being, so that you can master healthy habits that will serve you for life. Together, we'll work on achieving your health goal, whether it's eating better, sleeping better, managing stress or increasing your energy.

What to expect:

Languages: English, Hebrew

This will be a virtual session

Sharonne is in the time zone: Eastern Standard Time

You will receive regular communications with tips and empowering tools 

Tips before the call:

Congratulations on setting aside this time for your self!  Find a quiet space for our call, and bring a glass of water; you might also want to have a notebook to record your thoughts and insights.  

Try to answer this question: Is there something I’ve been eager to change, but haven’t felt confident, knowledgeable or motivated enough to act on? Think about what you would like to come away with after our time together.


"I have to say Sharonne.... Thank goodness I came to you when I did. I'm feeling so much better, both physically and mentally.  I’m learning so much from you and I’m so thankful that you are guiding me towards a healthier and more positive lifestyle." ❤️ -- Lynn G, 2019

"Since our session, the seed you planted has begun to sprout; I remember to love myself and my body more, and try not to put off my body’s needs — to drink when I’m thirsty, to sleep more. You’ve helped me change my dialogue with myself. Our encounter really seeped into my wandering heart and my tired body. You’ve reminded me of some important things, and have taught me to love myself in ways I didn’t know." -- Alisa Y., 2018

"Sharonne helped me through a difficult loss, relieving a bottleneck of pain. Our life coaching sessions helped me cope with a difficult resulting dynamic; I was able to discuss my issues and goals, gaining tools and valuable insights. Sharonne's compassion & intuition, combined with her intellect & broad knowledge, are an incredible resource." -- Nadine G, 2019

Keywords / Areas of Focus:

Healing, health coach, life coach, transformational coach, coping with trauma / loss / grief, chronic pain, mastering habit change (better nutrition, exercise, weight loss, sleep, etc.), EFT

Cancellation policy

Any booking can be cancelled and fully refunded prior to 24 hours of the first meeting. Following that, bookings are non-refundable.

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