Fitness & Nutrition

Rosie Letts

Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

London, UK

Rosie is a registered nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner with a first class degree from The University of Westminster.

90 mins, £180 (initial assessment)

60 mins, £140 (follow up)

Emmanuel Olaojo

Personal Trainer

London, UK

Emmanuel is recognised for his work with mobilising and motivating clients and at-risk Youth using fitness as an effective tool...

60 mins


Jo Travers

The London Nutritionist - Dietitian

London, UK

Jo Travers, The London Nutritionist and author of The Low-Fad Diet, is a state Registered Dietitian with a First Class BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition & Dietetics. She has been in private practice for five years, and in her media role has consulted for the BBC; Channel 4...

60 mins


Ste Lane

Holistic Health Coach

Pennsylvania, USA

A life long martial artist, back-packer, entrepreneur, coach and lover of all things health, wellness and personal development, Ste spends his time coaching others on the keys to unlocking their true human potential...

60 mins

$125 (USD)

Mirthe Eckl

Functional Medicine Practitioner

London, UK

With a primary degree in Health Science, Mirthe holds a post- graduate certification in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University.

60 mins, £250 (initial assessment)

30 mins, £150 (follow up)

Charlotte Holmes

Movement Coach

London, UK

Charlotte's love of movement has been lifelong; dancing from the age of 3, gymnastics from 10 and then becoming a fitness instructor...

60 mins


Mavis Tachie-Menson

Personal Trainer & Sport Rehabilitation Coach

London, UK

Mavis is recognised for her groundbreaking contributions to the field of Exercise Science. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy...

60 mins


Manuela Forunato

Registered Dietician

Rome, Italy

Here to support your life-changing journey and balance your hormones for healthier living through holistic nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle



Miriam Jimenez

Personal Trainer & Marathon Running Coach

London, UK

Miriam is an expert Running Coach, national long distance runner and personal trainer specialised in marathon training preparation, weight management ...

60 mins


Kirsten McCormick

Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist & Nutrition Coach

Washington, USA

Kirsten is a fitness and wellness expert focused on guiding individuals to discover their healthiest life through fitness, nutrition, and a means of constant balance....

60 mins

$175 USD

Francesca Minotti

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Rome, Italy

Francesca is a wellness advocate and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, on a mission to help people find their own version of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Working with you to find a mindful, actionable...

60 mins


Liz Brownstein

Plant Based & Healthy Food Coach

Jerusalem, Israel

Liz works with individuals and families to integrate more healthy meals and meal plans that can be achieved based on their time...

60 mins


Rosaria Barreto

The Vitality Coach

London, UK

My name is Rosie, I work with women who want to move better and think happy thoughts! Exercise not only has the power to make someone look good but also feel good and think positively...

60 mins