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Anaïs Poulain

Do you feel unfulfilled with your current role? Are you looking for something more for your career, but not sure where to start? Do you feel frustrated by your work-life balance, and not having enough time for the things that matter to you?   Are you looking to have clear visibility on what is your ideal career and make sure that it does integrate successfully with the other areas of your life?  If yes, I'd love to work with you!   As an experienced Career Coach who has planned and made several career transitions within my own life, I have the passion, energy and enthusiasm to help professionals navigate their own successful career transition.  I do actively support my clients to ensure that their career transition will bring them the sense of fulfilment, enjoyment and meaning they crave, whether that is within the same or different field or even into being self-employed.  Having a sweet spot for Project Management gained with my previous work experiences, I do ensure that my clients take action and move forward with their objectives and goals as well as unstuck them where it is needed.  I’ve made it my personal mission to empower 100,000+ individuals to build a career they are truly passionate about by 2035. It is a very high target to reach and might feel like a gigantic unachievable goal to reach but how do you eat an elephant? One bite at the time, and in this particular case: one client at the time.


Like any French individual, you start your career by being highly specialised. Following the completion of a MSc degree in Supply Chain and Procurement, I started my career as a Global Buyer. I was specialised in managing global projects and tenders across various countries. Throughout this experience, I realised that I really enjoyed working with various people from various backgrounds and cultures more than delivering cost savings as such.  This influenced my second career move to become a Consultant, as I was looking to work in a more dynamic environment for various clients, industries and within different teams. As I started this role, I realised that the "people" component was still driving me but should be even more at the heart of what I do!  I started researching opportunities to develop my knowledge when it comes to people development and identified coaching as the right next step for me and my career. I made the decision to specialise in Career Transitioning as I believe everyone should have a career they are truly passionate about (as I've mentioned above!). I've also kept a foot in businesses and I'm specialising in Scaling Up businesses which for me is a great blend of my previous experience as a consultant and coaching.

Relevant Credentials:

  • MSc in Supply Chain & Procurement, ESC Rennes School of Business (Graduated in 2015)

  • Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy (May 2018 - July 2019)

  • Small Business Coaching, The Coaching Academy (August 2018 - October 2019)

  • Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner

How I can help:

We will work together to ensure that you can: 1. Have clear visibility on what you want for your professional life 2. Explore what specific career you would like to build in alignment with your professional goals 3. Have a clear action plan, including daily habits, to build the career that you are passionate about

What to expect:

  • Languages: English, French

  • This will be a virtual session based on GMT timezone

  • You will need a wifi connection, audio (headphones) ,video capabilities for best results

  • You will receive a session feedback email within 24 hours

Tips before the call:

Come with an open mindset and be ready to embrace change, Don't hold back your thoughts as we will be working in a safe & non-judgmental space, Trust the process: you might not know exactly what your ideal career looks like but that is why I am here to support you and guide you!


"Anaïs is a great coach, very professional & dynamic. I highly recommend her !!! she brought an excellent energy in our work. She really understood my career needs and helped me to build the path to my professional objectives and to structure a daily routine to achieve my goals. thanks again Anaïs! "

- Sophie Millet

"Anaïs coached me through an interesting & challenging period in my career and life. I highly recommend her for amazing listening skills, professionalism, communication, for helping me understand and get to the root cause of various challenges and for providing a clear and easy to follow framework of discovery of goals and values."

- Madalina Mutihac

Keywords / Areas of Focus:

careers, career transition, career transitioning, scaling up, small business, relocation

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